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Tonight we saw three Immunity Challenges and three Tribal Councils.

In the first Immunity Challenge we saw the players running through a maze to collect bags of puzzle pieces and then complete the puzzle.  Culpepper shot out the gate and never looked back, again winning another immunity.

At Tribal everyone was so afraid of being voted out, they pulled out all the stops!  Tai played his Immunity Idol and gave his extra one to Aubry.  Sarah played her Secret Advantage and Troyzan play his Immunity Idol.  Brad had immunity, so this left poor Cirie without a lifeline.  I can’t say I was happy to see her eliminated without having one single vote.  I wonder, if this hadn’t been the final show, would they have sent everyone back to camp without anyone being eliminated?  This would have only been fair, after all, no one wrote Cirie’s name down on the parchment paper!   I am really having a hard time processing this and to be honest, it left me a little dumbfounded.

In the second Immunity Challenge they had to balance a ball through an obstacle course using a number of paddles.  This had to be repeated three times.  Everyone, but Culpepper, keep dropping their balls and no one else seemed able to accomplish this task.  After Brad maneuvered his second ball through the obstacle course, everyone stopped trying and they all just sat back and watched Culpepper win another Immunity Challenges.

I wasn’t very sure what would happen at Tribal, as this season, nothing has been written in stone.  Culpepper wanted Aubry out, but she wasn’t going out without a fight and she tried her best to make Troyzan the target, but her efforts failed and she was sent to jury.

In the third Immunity Challenge the players had to gather a ring of keys and climb up a scaffolding where they had to figure out which key would unlock three bags of puzzle pieces, then, one at a time, they had to return the bags to a table near a numbered lock box.  Once they had all their puzzle pieces, they had to build a tower, but the last piece (or top) of the tower was locked to the box, so they had to figure out the combination of the lock box to retrieve it.  In the end, Culpepper won again!!

I had to laugh seeing Culpepper walking around like a peacock back at camp.  I have no idea where his brain went, but obviously, it went out to lunch.  At Tribal, the obvious choice was to vote out Sarah and keep Tai.  Culpepper had alienated himself with Tai and he had to know Tai would never vote for him to win, so why send him to jury?  It couldn’t have happen to a better guy, for the minute he voted Tai out, Culpepper lost the game!  The funny thing is, I bet his wife is still screaming at their TV set!  😆

All in all, it was an excellent season of Survivor, one of the best I have seen in a long, long time.  I am so glad you all stopped by here over these last 8 weeks to share your thoughts about Survivor, as I loved reading all your comments.

Condolences go out to Trudy, Star, Aggie, Keri and me and a hearty congratulations goes out to the winner of our Survivor pool JT.  (JT, the check is in the mail!!  😆 )

Jeff Probst at Survivor Tribal Council


In tonight’s one hour episode we saw two evictions and a lot of excitement created by Cirie!

The first immunity challenge was called “House of Cards”.  The players had to build a tower with stones, shaped like cards, while holding onto a lever to keep their tower from falling. Aubry surprisingly took the lead and managed to win immunity, although she did have a bit of a hiccup, as she ran out of stones before reaching the top, but even with this, she had time to reassemble her tower and win in only six minutes.  Good for her!! (Cochran held the fastest time for this challenge, which was 17 minutes.)  Andrea and Michaela both did well too, but they were unable to balance their towers, which kept falling down over and over again.

Listening to the talk back at camp, Andrea and Aubry both wanted Brad out, but Sarah, Cirie and Michaela didn’t agree.  The Andrea alliance fell into pieces, as once the votes were read at Tribal, Andrea became the next member of the jury.

Andrea Boehlke
Sorry Andrea, you were just too good and a little too bossy for Sarah and Michaela!

In the second Immunity Challenge the players had to stand on a small round platform in the water with a bucket attached to a rope.  They then had to drop the bucket into the ocean and gather enough water to fill up a pipe.  Each bucket of water would raise a key up, until it was within reach.  The tricky part was the bucket was full of holes!  Once the players had their key, they dove into the water and headed to the beach where they had to solve a puzzle.   Michaela looked strong and was the first to complete the puzzle, but unfortunately some of her pieces were not placed correctly and Brad, who was close behind her, won the challenge!   After losing, Michaela anger surfaced again and she actually kick her puzzle showing us her frustration and for the first time, I did feel a little sorry for her.

Back at camp Tai told Aubry he wanted Sarah out and Aubry shared this news with Cirie, who then told Sarah.  Sarah didn’t take the news well and told Cirie not to believe Aubry. To gain Cirie’s trust, Sarah gave her the take away vote advantage, given to her by Sierra. Then Cirie went on a mission to SAVE Sarah, who she really believed was the target. Next we saw Cirie talking to Tai.  She told him he was the target, but she would save him with the advantage given to her by Sarah, which was really not her intention.  She wanted him to think he was safe, so if he had an idol, he wouldn’t use it.  I know, I know, it is like ‘Who’s on First!”!  Then everything went nuts!!  At Tribal Cirie tried to use the advantage and take Sarah’s vote away, but unfortunately Cirie had not read the advantage or if she did, she didn’t understand it, until Jeff pointed out it could not be transferred.   Sarah was shocked and seemed very upset.  I am sure she felt Cirie had betrayed her.  A lot of talk went back and forth, but finally it came time for Jeff to read off the votes.   Michaela was voted out, which made sense, as she is a stronger player than Cirie.  Poor Cirie, with all her good intentions, she failed and actually pushed Sarah back into the Brad alliance. SMH

Michaela Bradshaw
Bye Michaela, thanks, you made things very entertaining!

Condolences go out to Ted and Frannie!  The couch is getting crowded now, but never fear, next week we will have a winner!!  Good luck!!

Looking forward to hearing all your comments.  Have a great week!!



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The family episode has never been a favorite of mine.  I like seeing the players having time to spend with their loved ones, but I always feel so sorry for those who lose the opportunity of spending time with a family member because they lost the ‘Family Challenge’.

In the ‘Family Challenge’ the teams were broken up into three teams of three and each team was tied together.   They had to jump off a platform into the water and swim to the beach where they had to dig a hole under a log, which would be big enough to crawl under.  Next they had to untangle keys from a rope and figure out the right key to unlock a box of sand bags.  Then one member of each team threw the bags at a pile of blocks set up on a table and the first one to knock all the blocks completely off the table would win the ‘Family Challenge’ for their team.  Culpepper, Aubry and Andrea won and were able to select two people from the losing teams to share in the family reunion and they chose Sarah and Cirie.

Image result for pictures of culpepper on survivor game changersDODGED A BULLET

Before the Immunity Challenge Andrea’s alliance decided to vote out Culpepper at the next Tribal Council to break up the Culpepper/Sierra alliance, but like always, things never seem to go as planned on Survivor.

At the Immunity Challenge each player had to hold up a ball with poles by inserting them into holes on each side of the ball, all while balancing themselves on a small 3″ platform. The challenge wasn’t long, as some were out after 30 seconds.  In the end Culpepper won the Immunity Idol and Andrea’s alliance then decided to target Sierra.

Sierra had told Sarah about her Legacy Advantage and how it could be transferred, if she was voted out, so Sierra foolishly promised it to Sarah!  I guess it was her only hope in staying in the game, although I am sure Sierra will be kicking herself once she finds out Sarah threw her under the bus.  Sarah is playing a good game and made another great move by schmoozing up to Sierra to get the Advantage.

For awhile it seemed like there might be another shift in power.  Michaela was very upset she couldn’t spend time with her mother and after speaking to Tai, it looked like they would flip and Andrea’s head might be on the chopping block, but when Michaela told Sarah about the plan and during the discussion at Tribal, Michaela and Tai’s plan started to unravel and they wisely decided to stay with their alliance and vote out Sierra.

Sierra Dawn-Thomas
Good bye Sierra, you tried, but the odds were against you.
Sorry guys for losing one of your eye candies!


Condolences go out to Snakbit.  He has now been officially eliminated from the pool. Move over Bubbie and make room for him on the couch!

Next week it looks like Michaela is going to cause problems, but when doesn’t she? 😆 Can’t wait to see what happens.

Looking forward to hearing your comments.  Have a great week!




The Reward Challenge puzzle was difficult, but Aubry, Sara, Andrea, Zeke and Culpepper managed to pull out a win.

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Andrea once again won the Immunity Challenge and we saw her taking charge and getting a little too big for her britches!  Her behavior will definitely put a huge target on her back and I think she may be the next jury member, if she doesn’t win another immunity next week!  Andrea wanted Zeke out and there was no talking her out of this. Sara disagreed and tried her best to defend Zeke by talking to Cirie, but in the end, this wasn’t enough and Sara had the good sense not to push the issue.  Frankly I didn’t know how the votes would go tonight, but during Tribal, I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw Culpepper, Sierra & Troyzan all vote for Tai.  I thought Tai was tight with the Culpepper alliance.   What happened???   Last week we saw a betrayal in the Culpepper/Sierra alliance, so why in the world would they turn on one of their own? Obviously there are a lot of fractures occurring between the two alliances and next week we will see a new one emerge.

Poor Zeke is now the fourth jury member, which makes me sad, for I thought he might have had a good chance of staying.   Michaela didn’t want to vote Zeke out, but something changed her mind by the time she arrived at Tribal Council.  I think it would have made far more sense to vote out a bigger target, like Sierra or Culpepper!  SMH

Farewell Zeke, sorry to see you go!

Condolences go out to Trudy tonight.   Move over Bubbie, next week someone else will be joining you on the couch!!

To me, tonight’s show was a bit of a let down compared to the others and didn’t stir my creative juices, thus the short rundown.   Maybe I am still in shock Tai received three votes!!  😆  Aggie, I know you were probably sweating bullets during the vote count!! Whew!!

Have a good week!



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Michaela’s attitude is not the only thing getting in the way of her game.  When she was not selected to participate in the Reward Challenge, she decided to sit back and throw herself a pity party.   She was so blinded by anger, she didn’t see the Secret Advantage when she boosted herself up on the ‘sit out’ platform. How could she miss this?  SMH This gave Sarah the opportunity to snatch the advantage from right underneath Michaela’s nose and I couldn’t have been happier to see this.   The advantage takes away a vote from someone and if played correctly, could take Sarah further in the game.

Culpepper, Sierra, Aubry, Debbie and Andrea won the Reward Challenge and soon were all in a seaplane on their way to the reward destination.  Unfortunately, while in the plane, Debbie started her ME, ME, ME rhetoric and let us all know she knew more about planes than anyone else.  I think, had I been sitting beside her, I would have opened the emergency door and thrown her out!

In the Immunity Challenge each Survivor had to spell immunity by stacking blocks one at time on a platform, which they had to keep level by holding on to a rope, while they went back to pick up the letters.  Andrea and Troyzan were neck and neck and it looked like Andrea was going to win, but then after placing her last letter, her stack fell, which gave Troyzan the win.

Back at camp the Culpepper/Sierra alliance saw Andrea as a threat and felt it was time to get rid of her.  Things seemed to be set in stone and Andrea would be the next sacrificial lamb, until Debbie once again started running off at the mouth!   Debbie took it upon herself to talk to the members of the other side and after she started pushing her weight around and flaunting her security of being in a solid six alliance, she managed to talk herself right out of the game.  I couldn’t have been happier!!  At Tribal Debbie never saw it coming and we all enjoyed another great blindside.  I am sure this woman is still talking to herself!!

Image result for pictures of debbie on Survivor

Sorry you made it to jury and I hope we have seen the last of you!

It will be interesting to see what happens next week.  Will Sarah now find herself on the outs with Culpepper and Sierra or will she be running the show?

No condolences this week, as I was happy as can be to see Debbie blindsided!!  I am sure we all did the ‘HAPPY DANCE’.

Sorry to be so late with this page.  I am anxious to hear your comments.

Have a great week!




Sierra was an eleventh hour addition to the Game Changers castSIERRA DIDN’T PROVE TO BE MUCH OF A SHERIFF

In the two hours of Survivor tonight we saw the tribes merge, but then Jeff gave them the bad news.  No one would feast until one member from each tribe gave up the merge reward.  Tai and Culpepper stepped up to the plate and were banished from the banquet area; however they were close by, as soon we saw Debbie mooning Tai.  She seems to be trying desperately hard to be liked by everyone, but in my opinion, it doesn’t seem to be working.  SMH  I will give Debbie kudos for taking Cochran’s advise and apologizing to Culpepper.  Frankly, I didn’t think she would do it.

In the reward challenge the survivors were spit into two groups, with Culpepper, Sierra, Cirie, Sara, Aubry, and Michaela in one group and Andrea, Debbie, Troyzan, Zeke, Tai and Ozzy in the other.  Each group had to dive and untangle ropes to free a net, which was filled with large puzzle pieces in the shape of fish, then drag the net to shore and place them on hooks.  Once this was accomplished they had to place the fish in a certain order to complete a puzzle.  Andrea’s group finish first and they all went off to a Luxury camp to be pampered for the day, along with hamburgers and cold drinks.  I am sure they all appreciated having a shower and something good to eat.  I was happy to see Tai on the winning team after sacrificing himself from the merge banquet.

The first immunity challenge everyone had to stand on their toes on a platform with a rectangular box on their head.  It didn’t seem to be a very long challenge, as people were dropping off the platform within seconds and in the end Andrea won the challenge and Jeff placed the immunity necklace around her neck.

Back at camp Culpepper was rallying the troops to vote out Michaela, but Cirie foolishly told Michaela about the plan to evict her, then Cirie went on on a mission to save Michaela.  Soon rumors began about Hali having an idol, so everyone decided to split the votes between Michaela and Hali and in the end Hali was eliminated, becoming the first member of the jury.

Hali Ford
You didn’t do anything wrong

The second immunity involved the pole challenge, which Ozzy had won twice before, however this time he couldn’t outlast Tai and Tai walked away with the immunity necklace.

After the challenge they returned to camp to decide who should be evicted next. Andrea, who won the first immunity challenge, seemed to be on a power-high and told her alliance of Zeke, Aubry, Cirie, Ozzy, Sara and Michaela, they should all vote out Sierra or Culpepper at Tribal Council, but Zeke didn’t think this was a good idea, so he told the other side of Andrea’s plan.  This put Zeke in a very bad position, as it didn’t take long for word to get back to Andrea about his betrayal and then poor Zeke was put on the chopping block!  Sierra was upset when she heard Andrea wanted her out and discussed the situation with Debbie, while swinging in the hammock.  You could see the anger in Sierra’s face and there was no doubt she wanted Andrea out!  Debbie then came up with a plan and suggested they get rid of Ozzy.  Oh no!!  Here I thought dear Ozzy was under the radar for awhile, but it sure didn’t last long.   At Tribal the votes were cast and poor Ozzy was out, with the help of Debbie using her extra vote.

Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth
So sad to see you go

I have never been a fan of Andrea’s and I think she has put herself in a very precarious position.  Cirie and Michaela will probably stand by her, but Sara sided with the other side and voted out Michaela and Aubry, will be iffy, as she really has no one and seems to blow in the direction of power.  It looks like Andrea’s fate could be doomed.

Condolences go out to Keri and Snakebit this week.

Don’t forget tomorrow ‘The Amazing Race’ will be on for two hours.

Have a great week!



The Nuku Tribe won the reward challenge and walked away with 10 pizzas, while the Mana Tribe went back to camp empty handed. Aubry seemed to have a bit of a meltdown and we even saw Culpepper cry. I am not sure if his tears were real or if it was all part of an act, but whatever the case may be, Culpepper has managed to put himself in a good position and seems to have a strong alliance with Aubry, Cirie, Troyzan and Sierra. This will certainly come in handy when the teams merge next week.

The Nuku Tribe seemed to be on a roll and had a huge lead in the immunity challenge, but could not come up with the word ‘metamorphosis’.  I believe it was Hali, on the Mana Tribe who figured out the word, which leads her team to victory.  (Please let me know if I am wrong.)

The loss of the immunity challenge put Varner on a mission. At camp, he tried desperately to talk his tribe members into voting out Ozzy. This did make sense as Ozzy is a big threat, but he couldn’t seem to make any headway, so he decided to tell everyone Ozzy and Zeke were in an alliance and neither of them could be trusted. It was a good plan, but everything went to hell in a handbasket when they arrived at Tribal Council. Varner began his spiel about the Ozzy/Zeke alliance and then from out of nowhere, he turned to Zeke and asked, “Why haven’t you told anyone you are a transgender?”   I gasped and almost fell out of my chair. The tribe members had a look of disbelief on their faces and Jeff Probst was visibly shocked and seemed to be very upset. Varner not only outed Zeke’s secret to his tribe members, but also to millions of viewers! I found the entire situation very hard to watch and my heart went out to Zeke. The worst part of this was Varner wouldn’t stop talking and tried to backpedal, but he just kept making matters worse. It was a horrible and malicious thing for Varner to do and I have absolutely no respect for him. Jeff Probst then called off the vote and just asked everyone individually if they wanted Varner out and everyone agreed Varner should go home.

Survivor 2017 host Jeff Probst at Tribal Council

In the end, we saw Varner with his head in his hands crying. I had no sympathy for him and I was proud of Zeke when Varner told him “You know I am your biggest cheerleader”.  I stood up and cheered when Zeke replied: “I don’t need one”.

I don’t think life will be the same for Varner after people see this episode of Survivor!

Condolences go out to Frannie, but I am sure she was glad to see Varner go too!

There is a lot of interesting reading about Varner outing Zeke on the Internet.  You may want to check some of it out.

Have a great week!





An interesting episode tonight, first we saw Tai find two more idols, then we saw two new tribes emerge. Everyone seemed worried as they unwrapped their new buffs, but Debbie was the most shocked when she found her package empty. Jeff then announced she would be going to Exile Island, but would be safe from the next eviction and would join the losing team after the next Tribal Council.



Sandra and Jeff finally ended up at the bottom of their new tribe, with Sandra realizing they were in a very bad spot.  Almost time for the happy dance!!

I couldn’t have been happier when I saw Debbie on her way to Exile Island, although my joy turned into disbelief when she boarded the yacht supplied with food, drink and an oversized hammock! What kind of Exile Island was this? Lounging in her hammock Debbie saw a boat approaching and my happiness seemed like it might return, especially if I saw Malcolm aboard, but NO such luck, it was Cochran! He was only there to guide Debbie in the right direction and I must say, he did give her some good advice, but unfortunately I am sure his words went in one ear and out the other! Cochran also gave her a box, which had three advantages, but she could only chose one: 1) A fake immunity idol kit. 2) An extra vote 3) Tribe challenge advantage. Debbie opted for the extra vote, which was probably the best option of the three, although giving her tribe an advantage might have given her brownie points.

The Nuku tribe lost the immunity challenge, which surprised the heck out of me, as they had four men compared to the Mona tribe who only had two. After the challenge things seemed to be going along fine and everyone was set on voting Sandra out. They all agreed to tell Jeff and Sandra that Tai was the target in the hopes of another blindside. The only problem was, they didn’t tell Tai the plan and he opened his mouth to Jeff and told him Sandra was going home! What a mess! Tribal was not much better, as Tai kept digging himself in deeper and deeper, even bringing up Ozzy’s name for eviction! After the votes were cast Jeff asked if anyone had an immunity idol and I was shocked Tai didn’t give one of his idols to Jeff. I thought for sure he was a goner, but to my surprise Sandra was voted out 5 to 2! I immediately started doing the happy dance and then realized Tribal Council might have been staged before they left camp.



I was so happy Sandra was eliminated before jury. Now hopefully people can think for themselves!!

I don’t know what to think about next week’s preview. The Mana Tribe seemed down and out, which makes me think they might have lost both the reward and immunity challenges.

Condolences go out to our dear Mama Margie. She is the first one eliminated from our pool.

I am anxious to hear your comments about tonight’s show. Have a great week!!



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Debbie has a major meltdown, blames Brad and then begins doing push-ups!  Who was she trying to impress?   I thought she made a complete fool of herself and I blame her for losing the reward challenge.  After bragging about having such good balance, she can’t manage to balance a ball on a small platform or walk over two feet on the obstacle course.  I couldn’t believe she was still ranting when her tribe showed up for the immunity challenge and I was actually surprised to see them win.  It seems Debbie is one of those individuals who will never take any blame and likes to create major chaos to cover up her shortcomings.   I had to laugh at Tai when he said he was afraid of her. 



These past few weeks we haven’t seen much of the Tavua Tribe, so I thought I would add a picture of their tribe.  It was nice to see Troyzan and Sarah sharing thoughts on tonight’s show.  I really like Sarah and I think she may go far in this game.  She is certainly no dumb bunny!!


Survivor Game Changers Season 34 James J.T. Thomas Jr.

U T T E R    S T U P I D I T Y!

 JT suffered from delusions of grandeur when he thought his tribe would vote Michaela out over the sugar incident.  Sandra’s plan worked beautifully.  She gave JT a new target to go after and also gave him a new found sense of security.  NOT!!!  How quickly he forgot the anger of his tribemates for his betrayal at the last Tribal Council.   Trusting anyone of them just showed his stupidity!   I am sure most of you were yelling at your televisions “PLAY THE IDOL, PLAY THE IDOL, PLAY THE IDOL!”   How could this man go to TC and forget to bring his Immunity Idol? SMH   The sad part is next week the tribes will shuffle up again, so maybe JT would have been back with people he could trust!  I am happy they are switching tribes up again because poor Aubry sided with JT and I am sure this would have put a big target on her back.

Sorry you’re gone, but I can’t help shaking my head!

I can’t say I am excited about the return of Exile Island.  Next week we will see someone banished to Exile Island and I am sure we will see him or her in a challenge with the returnee.  JT being the last one voted out, could be the one returning, but I am hoping we will see Caleb or Malcolm come back.

Condolences go out to Star this week, but keep your head up, maybe JT will come back!  

I enjoyed the show and I am looking forward to hearing all your comments.

Have a great week!




Should be a fun episode to watch this Wednesday.  What will be the blowback from JT’s actions at Tribal?  Will we see a confrontation between JT and Sandra as he tries to explain to his tribe what happened?  Who will emerge as a new power player?  Will Troyzan be forced to use his idol?  And who and what set’s Debbie off on her tantrum?  Where has Zeke been?

Betty has this to say… “It looks to me like we will see a woman win this season, but I highly doubt it will be Sandra.  I am kind of hoping it will be Michaela.”  I’m inclined to agree if Michaela can keep her temper in check.  I think The Queen will overplay her hand and force her eviction.  We have not seen much from Aubry, but I don’t think we can count her out.

106310_d00223b          Screenshot 2017-03-27 11.48.08

So, Survivor Fans, who sets off Debbie… Brad?