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Michaela’s attitude is not the only thing getting in the way of her game.  When she was not selected to participate in the Reward Challenge, she decided to sit back and throw herself a pity party.   She was so blinded by anger, she didn’t see the Secret Advantage when she boosted herself up on the ‘sit out’ platform. How could she miss this?  SMH This gave Sarah the opportunity to snatch the advantage from right underneath Michaela’s nose and I couldn’t have been happier to see this.   The advantage takes away a vote from someone and if played correctly, could take Sarah further in the game.

Culpepper, Sierra, Aubry, Debbie and Andrea won the Reward Challenge and soon were all in a seaplane on their way to the reward destination.  Unfortunately, while in the plane, Debbie started her ME, ME, ME rhetoric and let us all know she knew more about planes than anyone else.  I think, had I been sitting beside her, I would have opened the emergency door and thrown her out!

In the Immunity Challenge each Survivor had to spell immunity by stacking blocks one at time on a platform, which they had to keep level by holding on to a rope, while they went back to pick up the letters.  Andrea and Troyzan were neck and neck and it looked like Andrea was going to win, but then after placing her last letter, her stack fell, which gave Troyzan the win.

Back at camp the Culpepper/Sierra alliance saw Andrea as a threat and felt it was time to get rid of her.  Things seemed to be set in stone and Andrea would be the next sacrificial lamb, until Debbie once again started running off at the mouth!   Debbie took it upon herself to talk to the members of the other side and after she started pushing her weight around and flaunting her security of being in a solid six alliance, she managed to talk herself right out of the game.  I couldn’t have been happier!!  At Tribal Debbie never saw it coming and we all enjoyed another great blindside.  I am sure this woman is still talking to herself!!

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Sorry you made it to jury and I hope we have seen the last of you!

It will be interesting to see what happens next week.  Will Sarah now find herself on the outs with Culpepper and Sierra or will she be running the show?

No condolences this week, as I was happy as can be to see Debbie blindsided!!  I am sure we all did the ‘HAPPY DANCE’.

Sorry to be so late with this page.  I am anxious to hear your comments.

Have a great week!