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Tonight we saw three Immunity Challenges and three Tribal Councils.

In the first Immunity Challenge we saw the players running through a maze to collect bags of puzzle pieces and then complete the puzzle.  Culpepper shot out the gate and never looked back, again winning another immunity.

At Tribal everyone was so afraid of being voted out, they pulled out all the stops!  Tai played his Immunity Idol and gave his extra one to Aubry.  Sarah played her Secret Advantage and Troyzan play his Immunity Idol.  Brad had immunity, so this left poor Cirie without a lifeline.  I can’t say I was happy to see her eliminated without having one single vote.  I wonder, if this hadn’t been the final show, would they have sent everyone back to camp without anyone being eliminated?  This would have only been fair, after all, no one wrote Cirie’s name down on the parchment paper!   I am really having a hard time processing this and to be honest, it left me a little dumbfounded.

In the second Immunity Challenge they had to balance a ball through an obstacle course using a number of paddles.  This had to be repeated three times.  Everyone, but Culpepper, keep dropping their balls and no one else seemed able to accomplish this task.  After Brad maneuvered his second ball through the obstacle course, everyone stopped trying and they all just sat back and watched Culpepper win another Immunity Challenges.

I wasn’t very sure what would happen at Tribal, as this season, nothing has been written in stone.  Culpepper wanted Aubry out, but she wasn’t going out without a fight and she tried her best to make Troyzan the target, but her efforts failed and she was sent to jury.

In the third Immunity Challenge the players had to gather a ring of keys and climb up a scaffolding where they had to figure out which key would unlock three bags of puzzle pieces, then, one at a time, they had to return the bags to a table near a numbered lock box.  Once they had all their puzzle pieces, they had to build a tower, but the last piece (or top) of the tower was locked to the box, so they had to figure out the combination of the lock box to retrieve it.  In the end, Culpepper won again!!

I had to laugh seeing Culpepper walking around like a peacock back at camp.  I have no idea where his brain went, but obviously, it went out to lunch.  At Tribal, the obvious choice was to vote out Sarah and keep Tai.  Culpepper had alienated himself with Tai and he had to know Tai would never vote for him to win, so why send him to jury?  It couldn’t have happen to a better guy, for the minute he voted Tai out, Culpepper lost the game!  The funny thing is, I bet his wife is still screaming at their TV set!  😆

All in all, it was an excellent season of Survivor, one of the best I have seen in a long, long time.  I am so glad you all stopped by here over these last 8 weeks to share your thoughts about Survivor, as I loved reading all your comments.

Condolences go out to Trudy, Star, Aggie, Keri and me and a hearty congratulations goes out to the winner of our Survivor pool JT.  (JT, the check is in the mail!!  😆 )

Jeff Probst at Survivor Tribal Council