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Debbie has a major meltdown, blames Brad and then begins doing push-ups!  Who was she trying to impress?   I thought she made a complete fool of herself and I blame her for losing the reward challenge.  After bragging about having such good balance, she can’t manage to balance a ball on a small platform or walk over two feet on the obstacle course.  I couldn’t believe she was still ranting when her tribe showed up for the immunity challenge and I was actually surprised to see them win.  It seems Debbie is one of those individuals who will never take any blame and likes to create major chaos to cover up her shortcomings.   I had to laugh at Tai when he said he was afraid of her. 



These past few weeks we haven’t seen much of the Tavua Tribe, so I thought I would add a picture of their tribe.  It was nice to see Troyzan and Sarah sharing thoughts on tonight’s show.  I really like Sarah and I think she may go far in this game.  She is certainly no dumb bunny!!


Survivor Game Changers Season 34 James J.T. Thomas Jr.

U T T E R    S T U P I D I T Y!

 JT suffered from delusions of grandeur when he thought his tribe would vote Michaela out over the sugar incident.  Sandra’s plan worked beautifully.  She gave JT a new target to go after and also gave him a new found sense of security.  NOT!!!  How quickly he forgot the anger of his tribemates for his betrayal at the last Tribal Council.   Trusting anyone of them just showed his stupidity!   I am sure most of you were yelling at your televisions “PLAY THE IDOL, PLAY THE IDOL, PLAY THE IDOL!”   How could this man go to TC and forget to bring his Immunity Idol? SMH   The sad part is next week the tribes will shuffle up again, so maybe JT would have been back with people he could trust!  I am happy they are switching tribes up again because poor Aubry sided with JT and I am sure this would have put a big target on her back.

Sorry you’re gone, but I can’t help shaking my head!

I can’t say I am excited about the return of Exile Island.  Next week we will see someone banished to Exile Island and I am sure we will see him or her in a challenge with the returnee.  JT being the last one voted out, could be the one returning, but I am hoping we will see Caleb or Malcolm come back.

Condolences go out to Star this week, but keep your head up, maybe JT will come back!  

I enjoyed the show and I am looking forward to hearing all your comments.

Have a great week!