Should be a fun episode to watch this Wednesday.  What will be the blowback from JT’s actions at Tribal?  Will we see a confrontation between JT and Sandra as he tries to explain to his tribe what happened?  Who will emerge as a new power player?  Will Troyzan be forced to use his idol?  And who and what set’s Debbie off on her tantrum?  Where has Zeke been?

Betty has this to say… “It looks to me like we will see a woman win this season, but I highly doubt it will be Sandra.  I am kind of hoping it will be Michaela.”  I’m inclined to agree if Michaela can keep her temper in check.  I think The Queen will overplay her hand and force her eviction.  We have not seen much from Aubry, but I don’t think we can count her out.

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So, Survivor Fans, who sets off Debbie… Brad?