Tonight’s episode was full of surprises. The Mana tribe had their first win at the reward challenge, but unfortunately, the coffee didn’t help them win immunity. Tai found an immunity idol and surprisingly we saw him share his good fortune with his tribe. This was probably a good move on Tai’s part, as it might help him go further in the game. There was, however, no surprise concerning Sandra. She again totally manipulated her tribe.

Tonight’s tribal council was insane!! After the Tavua Tribe won immunity, Jeff told both losing tribes (Mana and Nuku) only one person would be voted out and the members of both tribes would decide the outcome. It seemed almost hopeless for the Mana Tribe, as they were outnumbered 6 – 5. To be honest with all the confusion and whispering back and forth I couldn’t help but think “Who’s on first?” Names were flying around like crazy, and it seemed Culpepper’s head might be on the chopping block.

Time to vote and frankly I had no idea what would happen. True to form, Sandra had her way, and all her tribe members voted Sierra out, but the joke was on them, as Tai had given his immunity idol to Sierra. The Mana Tribe tossed Malcolm’s name around, but then seemed set on voting out Sandra, and I can’t tell you how excited I was watching Jeff read off one parchment paper after another with Sierra’s name on it and anxiously waited to see Sandra’s name appear, but no it was MALCOLM’S on the following parchment papers!!  I was utterly shocked to see him voted out! SMH

 Malcolm Freberg

                                                    Goodbye my love, so sad 

Condolences go out to our dear Bubbie (AKA MM) this week.

I am anxious to hear what everyone thought about tonight’s episode.

Have a great week!


(Once again Dazzling Erin comes up with a good one, so I stole it for Betty.  Ted)


The Idol in Play… Big Twist Ahead


Hi, Survivor Fans… Betty tells me that this Wednesday we will see a Big Twist take place on the Island.  With her track record intact by predicting Three Tribes, who’s to doubt her?  She says it’s all Hush-Hush and she will keep digging to keep us informed.  She wanted you to see this preview.

Moving on to the newest Idol Finding Expert on the island…

I found this look at the man himself from his prior Island stay.

It looks like Troyzan is in a power position again… and I’m glad.  SURVIVORI think he is one of the more entertaining characters to ever have played Survivor.  Just look at his acting job while securing the idol at the end of the challenge, pretending to be exhausted and overcome and hanging on the table.  Has he learned anything from his first stint on Survivor?  We will find out. He seems a little mellower. I hope he goes far…

Betty also sent this wonderful video preview of The Queen.  Betty had this to say… “I read an article about Sandra and it said if she can make it to the merge she has a good chance to win for the third time.  I highly doubt this will happen, but you never know.  I think her smug attitude will be her downfall and the goat situation last week didn’t help her win any tribal friends or fans for that matter. One last video of Sandra bragging.”

Of course, we all know how biased and snarky Betty can be when discussing The Queen.  I love The Queen and see no difference in eating a chicken or a goat.  Of course, I wouldn’t want to go to all the work of catching or preparing it, but I would be right there with Sandra to help eat it.  Think how tender that baby goat would be.

I’ll just end with this I stole from Dazzling Erin on Lisa Marie’s blog.


The Queen telling it like it is and looking good doing it.  Here’s hoping Betty will be handing a check to Mama Margie when this is all over since I don’t think Michela will be able to keep her temper in check and my sweet Ciera is already gone.





At the beginning of the show, we saw the Survivor players split into three tribes…

THE MANA TRIBE –   Caleb, Tai, Brad, Hali, Debbie, Sierra

THE NUKU TRIBE –    Sandra, Aubry, Micheala, Jeff, Malcolm, JT

THE TAVUA TRIBE –  Troyzan, Zeke, Ozzy, Cirie, Andrea, Sarah

The New Nuku Tribe has five players from the former Mana Tribe, along with poor JT who lost his entire tribe and is now the outcast of the group. Unfortunately, Sandra kept her throne this week.

The Tavua Tribe has four players from the former Nuku Tribe and two from the former Mana Tribe.

The New Mana Tribe has four players from the former Nuku Tribe, along with two from the original Mana Tribe.

The goat scene was very hard for me to watch and I was surprised Queen Sandra didn’t come right out and say “Off with their heads.” She would have eaten both of those goats by herself in a heartbeat. She didn’t care about all the chickens running around her camp, she just wanted more food!!! Well, Sandra, you didn’t get your way and frankly it won’t hurt you to lose a few pounds!! She made me so angry, I just wanted to lop off her head!! LOL

Is the Mana Tribe cursed? Seeing the tribe lose AGAIN was disheartening, but I thought Caleb would be safe, after all, he is so good at challenges, so who would want him gone this early in the game? It seemed to me Caleb was in a win-win situation because he had two former Survivor players from his last season, Debbie, and Tai, as well as Hali from the Mana Tribe. Boy was I wrong!! Brad, Sierra, and Debbie worked their magic, and POOF Caleb was gone!! It should be interesting in the coming weeks to see members of the Mana Tribe go down one by one because now they don’t have any strong players. I thought this was a very stupid move on their part.

Caleb Reynolds

Gone Too Soon!!!

This season sure isn’t what I thought it would be.  It seems the plan is to get rid of all the strong players right from the get go!!  SMH

Condolences go out to Aggie.  I was so sorry to see Caleb eliminated.

Have a great week everyone!!


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Hi, Survivor Fans…

I thought you would have fun seeing this!  

Our leader Betty is hinting that the merge might be to three teams.  What do you think and which would you prefer, two or three?  Will Tai and Caleb reunite? Will Sandra and Cirie end up on the same team and will they get along? Will a new Game Changer emerge? Will everyone’s power stay on during the telecast?

Here’s one of the Game Changers…




#34 AggieLand week 1
Tonight’s Survivor didn’t let us down.  It was full of schemers, and we saw an epic feud between Sandra and Tony.
 Sierra found an advantage, which will give her immunity at either the 6th or the 13th tribal council. If she is voted out before then, she must pass it on to a player of her choice, and it will not matter what tribe he or she is in.
Tony came out of the gate running and told everyone he was going to look for an idol.  Not a great game plan to me, but then he said he was only kidding and just wanted to stir things up.  His tribe didn’t take his humor lightly, and his actions only put a bigger target on his back.  What was he thinking?
 A lot of talk went on among the tribe members on each side.  Ozzy was not fond of Cirie being on his tribe because she blindsided him in the past.  Ciera threw out names like Ozzy and Caleb for elimination, and we saw Michaela lose control of her emotions again.  She was so angry when she found out they were going to tell Ciera everyone was voting out Michaela.  It seems Michaela didn’t learn anything from the last time she was on.
 Nuku won the first immunity challenge, so the Mana Tribe ended up at tribal where they voted out Ciera.
Ciera Eastin
 CIERA’S FAREWELL   (Click on Ciera’s Farewell)
Farewell Ciera, sorry but I am not going to miss you!
 Nuku also won the second immunity challenge, and then the drama at the Mana camp began.  It seemed to be all out war between Tony and Sandra and ‘the Queen’ won!!  Tony was eliminated.  I must say I was a bit surprised to see how the votes went, as NO ONE voted to eliminate Sandra!  Frankly, I think Sandra is a bit of a witch, and I would have rather seen her go than Tony.  It will be interesting to see how she manipulates everyone down the line.  I am not a fan of Sandra, but I must give her credit on her game play.
Tony Vlachos
TONY’S FAREWELL  (Click on Tony’s Farewell)
Goodbye Tony, I will miss you!!
 I can’t believe next week they will be dropping buffs.  I hope Caleb and Malcolm stay together and it would be nice to see Tai and Caleb back together.  Will the bromance continue?
Condolences go out to JT and Ted for losing one of their picks.
 Anxious to hear your thoughts!
 Have a great day!!
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Screenshot 2017-03-07 11.46.00
The day we have all been waiting for is upon us.  Please feel free to use this blog to comment on the show as well as our daily dis on Aggie’s Blog.
unnamed (1)
It should be interesting with all the type A personalities this season.   Will Sandra win again?  Will Tony continue being the master of idol finding and will Ozzy still be seen as a threat again and eliminated early?  Will Tai and Caleb finally get together? These questions and more will be answered in the weeks ahead.
Jump aboard and join Ted and me as we take you to the island of Fiji and follow the adventures of the Game Changers.  

Take care, good luck and have fun everyone!!




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 It had just stopped raining when I parked my car on Grand River near McGraw in Detroit. It was a typical fall day in September 1987. All the leaves were turning vibrant colors, with some of them floating to the ground. I turned on the windshield wipers to clean the last residual rain off my windshield and looked out. There it was, Olympia Stadium, which had been my second home for years. How majestic she looked against the breaking gray clouds. How I wished I could go inside one more time and smell the stale beer, popcorn and cigarette smoke. Shutting my eyes I could almost hear the shouts from the fans when the Red Wings scored. I saw all the great ones play there, Gordie Howe, Terry Sawchuk, Bobby Hull, Bobby Orr, Stan Mikita and Maurice (The Rocket) Richard. The list goes on and on. Those were the days when hockey players played with dignity and skill. There was none of this brute force we see in hockey today, why not one of these players even wore a helmet back in those days. Oh there were fights back then, gloves would drop and fists would fly, but no player would intentionally ram an opponents head into the boards. Everything changed so quickly after the 1967-68 expansion.

I began to smile when I though of the seats I had on the visitor’s goal line. They were the best seats in the house. I could see Ted Lindsay and his wife sitting four rows in front of me and then his empty seat when he returned to hockey in 1964-65. The Red Wings finished in first place that year, only to lose to the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round of the playoffs. The fans, as well as I, were so disappointed.

My thoughts were now reeling inside my head remembering all the friends I had made over the years at Olympia Stadium. The Canadian fellows sitting behind me were from Windsor and always rooted for the visiting team. I remembered the night they gave me a program autographed by Gordie Howe, Terry Sawchuk, Bobby Hull, Bobby Orr and a few other hockey greats. I knew the signatures were not real, but I kept the program just the same. Those crazy Canadians were very good to me. If I went to a game with a girlfriend, instead of a date, they would buy us beer and we would chat by the bar during the intermissions.Not a game went by when they didn’t tease me about something or another, especially when the Wings played Toronto. Mike Rosenthal and his lovely wife, Ann, sat in front of me. I remembered how he shouted out advice to Sid Abel (the Red Wings’ coach). He was an avid hockey fan and always yelled at the referees about a bad penalty call, with his wife tugging on his suit coat, telling him to sit down. The wives of Andy Bathgate and Val Fonteyne were a few seats away and two retired doctors from the hospital ship, the USS Hope, sat beside me. Oh how I wished I could see these friends one more time. To my dismay, my thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a very loud bang. Opening my eyes I saw the wrecking ball about to hit the building a second time. I quickly closed them tightly and felt the tears beginning to stream down my face for I knew soon my second home would be gone forever. I can’t remember how long I stayed listening to the screams of the Old Red Barn, a building that stood at the corner of Grand River and McGraw for 60 years. Soon my thoughts were interrupted by a soft tapping at the window on the driver’s side of my car. It was middle-aged man wearing a hard hat. He nicely asked me to move my car for fear of flying debris crashing down on it. When I looked out I was amazed to see more than half the building had now been turned into rubble. I grabbed my purse for a tissue to wipe off the mascara dripping down my face and to touch up my make up, before I started the car. Maybe I was taking too long, as the same man was walking toward me again. I quickly turned on the ignition, but not before he reached my car. I rolled down my window and to my surprise he handed me a brick saying, “Here is a little memento for you”. I took the brick and thanked him, then broke down in tears again. He too seemed to be sad, maybe he was a hockey fan and also loved Olympia Stadium. I will never forget his kindness or the wonderful times I had at The Old Red Barn.


I still have that old red brick from Olympia Stadium. It is in my garden amidst the Asian lilies. Some of you might be interested in the cost of my two tickets back in the 60’s. They were $7.00 a piece in my section of the arena. Today they would sell for well over a $150.00 each.


This is my first entry to the Moonshine Grid at… Betty



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Spring is here and with it brings the rain. This morning, while having my coffee, I looked out the kitchen window and saw a large pool of water in my backyard and my boxer dog Maggie gingerly walking around to find a place to squat. The sky was blue and the winter temperatures seemed to have taken a hiatus, with the day bringing forth warmth and sunshine. Maggie soon bounced onto the deck, wanting in, along with her breakfast. She is a good dog and knows the routine, as she patiently waited by the door to have her paws wiped before entering the house.

It was almost ten o’clock when I heard Marty’s car drive up and the sound of her horn. I grabbed my keys and went out to my car, as I was to follow her over to the Ford Service Center. After dropping off her car we came back to my house for coffee and a chat. She is my best friend, I have known her since the day I was born. Growing up together was always an adventure with her, but I will save those stories for another time. Marty has a miniature Boston Terrier named Sweetie, who is Maggie’s ‘bestest’ friend.

‘COME ON DOWN’ shrieked from the television, as Marty and I sat in the family room drinking coffee and guessing the cost of the products on “The Price Is Right’. The dogs were outside and we could hear them running around playing with one another. It was first the warm day of spring and it was wonderful to have the sliding glass door open to let in the fresh air. Oh if we had only known that this beautiful day would turn into a nightmare!!

I went into the kitchen to refresh our coffee and looked out the window to check on the dogs. To my horror they were both digging in the pool of water and were covered with mud from head to tail! I yelled out the window for them to stop, but this just excited them more and they started racing for the door. Thankfully I was able to close it just in time. The bright and shining glass doors that I had just cleaned the day before were now full of mud and paw prints. Marty began to laugh hysterically and soon I joined in, as her laughter is contagious.

Marty brought up a pail from the utility room and I filled it with warm water and dog shampoo at the kitchen sink, then I opened the sliding glass window and stretched out the sprayer, placing it outside, so I could use it to rinse off the dogs. We slowly opened the sliding door and I grabbed Sweetie and washed her down. Marty was the designated drier. One dog down and one to go! Once Sweetie was clean Marty put her in the house, however, she inadvertently slammed the sliding door shut. (The door was recently fixed, as it used to be hard to close, but Marty had forgotten.) Maggie was finally clean and Marty and I headed back into the house to clean up, but unfortunately the door was locked!! Apparently the force of Marty slamming the door shut had triggered the lock mechanism.

I was so happy Marty was with me, as she again began to laugh. It took me a few minutes to join in, but did so after remembering the kitchen window was open. Now here is the problem, who is going to climb though the window? I am tall and have very long legs and Marty is short, but has had two hip replacements. Naturally, there was no stopping Marty who said, “I caused the door to lock, so I will climb through the window’!”! I cupped my hands to give her a boast up and soon she was sitting on the window sill with her legs dangling outside. She carefully eased her butt down into the sink, sitting on a fork, which she promptly removed, then it all started…we both began to laugh uncontrollably. Gently I helped her manipulate her legs inside, but had to stop, at her request, for she was laughing so hard she said she was going to wet her pants. I tried not to laugh anymore, really I did, but the sight of her sitting in the kitchen sink made laughing too hard to resist. Finally we managed to control our giggling and I was able help her get her legs inside without harm and without wet pants! Once inside Marty opened the door, but to our disbelief, when we turned around there was Maggie again, back out in the yard digging in the mud! This time I washed and dried her off, while Marty stayed in the house.

The remainder of the day went well, as I took Marty out for a well deserved ‘wet’ lunch’. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful friend. She can turn any calamity into a day full of laughter and fun.



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“How in the world does he do that?”  Words that are uttered again and again by hockey broadcasters throughout the National Hockey League. They are talking about Pavel Datsyuk who plays for the Detroit Red Wings. I call him the ‘Houdini’ of hockey and marvel at his stick handling skills, especially when he takes away the puck from his opponents. I sometimes laugh out loud when I see his adversaries look around in astonishment, wondering where the puck went, after he has stolen it away from them. I can’t count the number of times I have seen him skate up and down center ice, dodging two huge defense-men and placing the puck in the back of the net. I must admit I never liked the change the NHL made back in 2005-06 when they eliminated ties and decided shootouts would determine the winner of the game, but then again, this does give me the opportunity to see Pavel work his magic.  He simply amazes me.

Pavel is small in size, when you compare him to the other professional hockey players. He stands 5′ 11” and weighs only 185 pounds, but he is feared by all the NHL coaches. When Pavel in on the ice they send out their best men to try to stop his plays. I believe Pavel is one of the hardest working players in hockey today and I am very happy he is on my favorite team.

If you are a hockey fan, you probably know about Pavel Datsyuk, but if you are not, the next time you are channel surfing and run across a Red Wing’s hockey game, stop for a few minutes and watch number 13. I promise… you will not be disappointed.



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jack Russell

We live in a very selfish world today, people always in a hurry, crooked politicians, maniacs shooting children for no apparent reason; and now we are seeing a new generation coming along, with narcissistic attitudes. I am fortunate, in spite of this cruel world, I have a dear friend Mike. We have never met, but we have been friends for years thanks to the Internet.

Mike doesn’t have much, he lives in a trailer on a mountain. He is surrounded and loved by all his pets, and has the heart of St. Francis. I can’t remember the exact number of dogs and cats he has, but I believe it is somewhere between fifteen and twenty. What little money he has goes toward the feeding and medical needs of his animals.

Mike has recently been diagnosed with kidney failure. He is in a great deal of pain, and soon will have to go on dialysis. When he emailed me with the bad news his only thought was what would happen to his animals should he not survive. It is not a pleasant thing to think about and my heart goes out to him.

Today, after a brief visit to the hospital because of pain, Mike told me that his Jack Russell was dying. There isn’t anything that Mike can do for his loving companion, except for staying by his side and petting him until the soul in the dog’s eyes flickers out. “It is not easy to watch a dog die” Mike said, something that I know all too well.

I am happy and honored to know Mike. There are not enough people in the world today with a heart as big as his. Though I am very sad for Mike and his dog, I feel very rich indeed for having such a wonderful friend.