In tonight’s one hour episode we saw two evictions and a lot of excitement created by Cirie!

The first immunity challenge was called “House of Cards”.  The players had to build a tower with stones, shaped like cards, while holding onto a lever to keep their tower from falling. Aubry surprisingly took the lead and managed to win immunity, although she did have a bit of a hiccup, as she ran out of stones before reaching the top, but even with this, she had time to reassemble her tower and win in only six minutes.  Good for her!! (Cochran held the fastest time for this challenge, which was 17 minutes.)  Andrea and Michaela both did well too, but they were unable to balance their towers, which kept falling down over and over again.

Listening to the talk back at camp, Andrea and Aubry both wanted Brad out, but Sarah, Cirie and Michaela didn’t agree.  The Andrea alliance fell into pieces, as once the votes were read at Tribal, Andrea became the next member of the jury.

Andrea Boehlke
Sorry Andrea, you were just too good and a little too bossy for Sarah and Michaela!

In the second Immunity Challenge the players had to stand on a small round platform in the water with a bucket attached to a rope.  They then had to drop the bucket into the ocean and gather enough water to fill up a pipe.  Each bucket of water would raise a key up, until it was within reach.  The tricky part was the bucket was full of holes!  Once the players had their key, they dove into the water and headed to the beach where they had to solve a puzzle.   Michaela looked strong and was the first to complete the puzzle, but unfortunately some of her pieces were not placed correctly and Brad, who was close behind her, won the challenge!   After losing, Michaela anger surfaced again and she actually kick her puzzle showing us her frustration and for the first time, I did feel a little sorry for her.

Back at camp Tai told Aubry he wanted Sarah out and Aubry shared this news with Cirie, who then told Sarah.  Sarah didn’t take the news well and told Cirie not to believe Aubry. To gain Cirie’s trust, Sarah gave her the take away vote advantage, given to her by Sierra. Then Cirie went on a mission to SAVE Sarah, who she really believed was the target. Next we saw Cirie talking to Tai.  She told him he was the target, but she would save him with the advantage given to her by Sarah, which was really not her intention.  She wanted him to think he was safe, so if he had an idol, he wouldn’t use it.  I know, I know, it is like ‘Who’s on First!”!  Then everything went nuts!!  At Tribal Cirie tried to use the advantage and take Sarah’s vote away, but unfortunately Cirie had not read the advantage or if she did, she didn’t understand it, until Jeff pointed out it could not be transferred.   Sarah was shocked and seemed very upset.  I am sure she felt Cirie had betrayed her.  A lot of talk went back and forth, but finally it came time for Jeff to read off the votes.   Michaela was voted out, which made sense, as she is a stronger player than Cirie.  Poor Cirie, with all her good intentions, she failed and actually pushed Sarah back into the Brad alliance. SMH

Michaela Bradshaw
Bye Michaela, thanks, you made things very entertaining!

Condolences go out to Ted and Frannie!  The couch is getting crowded now, but never fear, next week we will have a winner!!  Good luck!!

Looking forward to hearing all your comments.  Have a great week!!