The Nuku Tribe won the reward challenge and walked away with 10 pizzas, while the Mana Tribe went back to camp empty handed. Aubry seemed to have a bit of a meltdown and we even saw Culpepper cry. I am not sure if his tears were real or if it was all part of an act, but whatever the case may be, Culpepper has managed to put himself in a good position and seems to have a strong alliance with Aubry, Cirie, Troyzan and Sierra. This will certainly come in handy when the teams merge next week.

The Nuku Tribe seemed to be on a roll and had a huge lead in the immunity challenge, but could not come up with the word ‘metamorphosis’.  I believe it was Hali, on the Mana Tribe who figured out the word, which leads her team to victory.  (Please let me know if I am wrong.)

The loss of the immunity challenge put Varner on a mission. At camp, he tried desperately to talk his tribe members into voting out Ozzy. This did make sense as Ozzy is a big threat, but he couldn’t seem to make any headway, so he decided to tell everyone Ozzy and Zeke were in an alliance and neither of them could be trusted. It was a good plan, but everything went to hell in a handbasket when they arrived at Tribal Council. Varner began his spiel about the Ozzy/Zeke alliance and then from out of nowhere, he turned to Zeke and asked, “Why haven’t you told anyone you are a transgender?”   I gasped and almost fell out of my chair. The tribe members had a look of disbelief on their faces and Jeff Probst was visibly shocked and seemed to be very upset. Varner not only outed Zeke’s secret to his tribe members, but also to millions of viewers! I found the entire situation very hard to watch and my heart went out to Zeke. The worst part of this was Varner wouldn’t stop talking and tried to backpedal, but he just kept making matters worse. It was a horrible and malicious thing for Varner to do and I have absolutely no respect for him. Jeff Probst then called off the vote and just asked everyone individually if they wanted Varner out and everyone agreed Varner should go home.

Survivor 2017 host Jeff Probst at Tribal Council

In the end, we saw Varner with his head in his hands crying. I had no sympathy for him and I was proud of Zeke when Varner told him “You know I am your biggest cheerleader”.  I stood up and cheered when Zeke replied: “I don’t need one”.

I don’t think life will be the same for Varner after people see this episode of Survivor!

Condolences go out to Frannie, but I am sure she was glad to see Varner go too!

There is a lot of interesting reading about Varner outing Zeke on the Internet.  You may want to check some of it out.

Have a great week!