The Reward Challenge puzzle was difficult, but Aubry, Sara, Andrea, Zeke and Culpepper managed to pull out a win.

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Andrea once again won the Immunity Challenge and we saw her taking charge and getting a little too big for her britches!  Her behavior will definitely put a huge target on her back and I think she may be the next jury member, if she doesn’t win another immunity next week!  Andrea wanted Zeke out and there was no talking her out of this. Sara disagreed and tried her best to defend Zeke by talking to Cirie, but in the end, this wasn’t enough and Sara had the good sense not to push the issue.  Frankly I didn’t know how the votes would go tonight, but during Tribal, I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw Culpepper, Sierra & Troyzan all vote for Tai.  I thought Tai was tight with the Culpepper alliance.   What happened???   Last week we saw a betrayal in the Culpepper/Sierra alliance, so why in the world would they turn on one of their own? Obviously there are a lot of fractures occurring between the two alliances and next week we will see a new one emerge.

Poor Zeke is now the fourth jury member, which makes me sad, for I thought he might have had a good chance of staying.   Michaela didn’t want to vote Zeke out, but something changed her mind by the time she arrived at Tribal Council.  I think it would have made far more sense to vote out a bigger target, like Sierra or Culpepper!  SMH

Farewell Zeke, sorry to see you go!

Condolences go out to Trudy tonight.   Move over Bubbie, next week someone else will be joining you on the couch!!

To me, tonight’s show was a bit of a let down compared to the others and didn’t stir my creative juices, thus the short rundown.   Maybe I am still in shock Tai received three votes!!  😆  Aggie, I know you were probably sweating bullets during the vote count!! Whew!!

Have a good week!