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The family episode has never been a favorite of mine.  I like seeing the players having time to spend with their loved ones, but I always feel so sorry for those who lose the opportunity of spending time with a family member because they lost the ‘Family Challenge’.

In the ‘Family Challenge’ the teams were broken up into three teams of three and each team was tied together.   They had to jump off a platform into the water and swim to the beach where they had to dig a hole under a log, which would be big enough to crawl under.  Next they had to untangle keys from a rope and figure out the right key to unlock a box of sand bags.  Then one member of each team threw the bags at a pile of blocks set up on a table and the first one to knock all the blocks completely off the table would win the ‘Family Challenge’ for their team.  Culpepper, Aubry and Andrea won and were able to select two people from the losing teams to share in the family reunion and they chose Sarah and Cirie.

Image result for pictures of culpepper on survivor game changersDODGED A BULLET

Before the Immunity Challenge Andrea’s alliance decided to vote out Culpepper at the next Tribal Council to break up the Culpepper/Sierra alliance, but like always, things never seem to go as planned on Survivor.

At the Immunity Challenge each player had to hold up a ball with poles by inserting them into holes on each side of the ball, all while balancing themselves on a small 3″ platform. The challenge wasn’t long, as some were out after 30 seconds.  In the end Culpepper won the Immunity Idol and Andrea’s alliance then decided to target Sierra.

Sierra had told Sarah about her Legacy Advantage and how it could be transferred, if she was voted out, so Sierra foolishly promised it to Sarah!  I guess it was her only hope in staying in the game, although I am sure Sierra will be kicking herself once she finds out Sarah threw her under the bus.  Sarah is playing a good game and made another great move by schmoozing up to Sierra to get the Advantage.

For awhile it seemed like there might be another shift in power.  Michaela was very upset she couldn’t spend time with her mother and after speaking to Tai, it looked like they would flip and Andrea’s head might be on the chopping block, but when Michaela told Sarah about the plan and during the discussion at Tribal, Michaela and Tai’s plan started to unravel and they wisely decided to stay with their alliance and vote out Sierra.

Sierra Dawn-Thomas
Good bye Sierra, you tried, but the odds were against you.
Sorry guys for losing one of your eye candies!


Condolences go out to Snakbit.  He has now been officially eliminated from the pool. Move over Bubbie and make room for him on the couch!

Next week it looks like Michaela is going to cause problems, but when doesn’t she? 😆 Can’t wait to see what happens.

Looking forward to hearing your comments.  Have a great week!