Tonight’s episode was full of surprises. The Mana tribe had their first win at the reward challenge, but unfortunately, the coffee didn’t help them win immunity. Tai found an immunity idol and surprisingly we saw him share his good fortune with his tribe. This was probably a good move on Tai’s part, as it might help him go further in the game. There was, however, no surprise concerning Sandra. She again totally manipulated her tribe.

Tonight’s tribal council was insane!! After the Tavua Tribe won immunity, Jeff told both losing tribes (Mana and Nuku) only one person would be voted out and the members of both tribes would decide the outcome. It seemed almost hopeless for the Mana Tribe, as they were outnumbered 6 – 5. To be honest with all the confusion and whispering back and forth I couldn’t help but think “Who’s on first?” Names were flying around like crazy, and it seemed Culpepper’s head might be on the chopping block.

Time to vote and frankly I had no idea what would happen. True to form, Sandra had her way, and all her tribe members voted Sierra out, but the joke was on them, as Tai had given his immunity idol to Sierra. The Mana Tribe tossed Malcolm’s name around, but then seemed set on voting out Sandra, and I can’t tell you how excited I was watching Jeff read off one parchment paper after another with Sierra’s name on it and anxiously waited to see Sandra’s name appear, but no it was MALCOLM’S on the following parchment papers!!  I was utterly shocked to see him voted out! SMH

 Malcolm Freberg

                                                    Goodbye my love, so sad 

Condolences go out to our dear Bubbie (AKA MM) this week.

I am anxious to hear what everyone thought about tonight’s episode.

Have a great week!


(Once again Dazzling Erin comes up with a good one, so I stole it for Betty.  Ted)