Hi, Survivor Fans… Betty tells me that this Wednesday we will see a Big Twist take place on the Island.  With her track record intact by predicting Three Tribes, who’s to doubt her?  She says it’s all Hush-Hush and she will keep digging to keep us informed.  She wanted you to see this preview.

Moving on to the newest Idol Finding Expert on the island…

I found this look at the man himself from his prior Island stay.

It looks like Troyzan is in a power position again… and I’m glad.  SURVIVORI think he is one of the more entertaining characters to ever have played Survivor.  Just look at his acting job while securing the idol at the end of the challenge, pretending to be exhausted and overcome and hanging on the table.  Has he learned anything from his first stint on Survivor?  We will find out. He seems a little mellower. I hope he goes far…

Betty also sent this wonderful video preview of The Queen.  Betty had this to say… “I read an article about Sandra and it said if she can make it to the merge she has a good chance to win for the third time.  I highly doubt this will happen, but you never know.  I think her smug attitude will be her downfall and the goat situation last week didn’t help her win any tribal friends or fans for that matter. One last video of Sandra bragging.”

Of course, we all know how biased and snarky Betty can be when discussing The Queen.  I love The Queen and see no difference in eating a chicken or a goat.  Of course, I wouldn’t want to go to all the work of catching or preparing it, but I would be right there with Sandra to help eat it.  Think how tender that baby goat would be.

I’ll just end with this I stole from Dazzling Erin on Lisa Marie’s blog.


The Queen telling it like it is and looking good doing it.  Here’s hoping Betty will be handing a check to Mama Margie when this is all over since I don’t think Michela will be able to keep her temper in check and my sweet Ciera is already gone.