At the beginning of the show, we saw the Survivor players split into three tribes…

THE MANA TRIBE –   Caleb, Tai, Brad, Hali, Debbie, Sierra

THE NUKU TRIBE –    Sandra, Aubry, Micheala, Jeff, Malcolm, JT

THE TAVUA TRIBE –  Troyzan, Zeke, Ozzy, Cirie, Andrea, Sarah

The New Nuku Tribe has five players from the former Mana Tribe, along with poor JT who lost his entire tribe and is now the outcast of the group. Unfortunately, Sandra kept her throne this week.

The Tavua Tribe has four players from the former Nuku Tribe and two from the former Mana Tribe.

The New Mana Tribe has four players from the former Nuku Tribe, along with two from the original Mana Tribe.

The goat scene was very hard for me to watch and I was surprised Queen Sandra didn’t come right out and say “Off with their heads.” She would have eaten both of those goats by herself in a heartbeat. She didn’t care about all the chickens running around her camp, she just wanted more food!!! Well, Sandra, you didn’t get your way and frankly it won’t hurt you to lose a few pounds!! She made me so angry, I just wanted to lop off her head!! LOL

Is the Mana Tribe cursed? Seeing the tribe lose AGAIN was disheartening, but I thought Caleb would be safe, after all, he is so good at challenges, so who would want him gone this early in the game? It seemed to me Caleb was in a win-win situation because he had two former Survivor players from his last season, Debbie, and Tai, as well as Hali from the Mana Tribe. Boy was I wrong!! Brad, Sierra, and Debbie worked their magic, and POOF Caleb was gone!! It should be interesting in the coming weeks to see members of the Mana Tribe go down one by one because now they don’t have any strong players. I thought this was a very stupid move on their part.

Caleb Reynolds

Gone Too Soon!!!

This season sure isn’t what I thought it would be.  It seems the plan is to get rid of all the strong players right from the get go!!  SMH

Condolences go out to Aggie.  I was so sorry to see Caleb eliminated.

Have a great week everyone!!


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