#34 AggieLand week 1
Tonight’s Survivor didn’t let us down.  It was full of schemers, and we saw an epic feud between Sandra and Tony.
 Sierra found an advantage, which will give her immunity at either the 6th or the 13th tribal council. If she is voted out before then, she must pass it on to a player of her choice, and it will not matter what tribe he or she is in.
Tony came out of the gate running and told everyone he was going to look for an idol.  Not a great game plan to me, but then he said he was only kidding and just wanted to stir things up.  His tribe didn’t take his humor lightly, and his actions only put a bigger target on his back.  What was he thinking?
 A lot of talk went on among the tribe members on each side.  Ozzy was not fond of Cirie being on his tribe because she blindsided him in the past.  Ciera threw out names like Ozzy and Caleb for elimination, and we saw Michaela lose control of her emotions again.  She was so angry when she found out they were going to tell Ciera everyone was voting out Michaela.  It seems Michaela didn’t learn anything from the last time she was on.
 Nuku won the first immunity challenge, so the Mana Tribe ended up at tribal where they voted out Ciera.
Ciera Eastin
 CIERA’S FAREWELL   (Click on Ciera’s Farewell)
Farewell Ciera, sorry but I am not going to miss you!
 Nuku also won the second immunity challenge, and then the drama at the Mana camp began.  It seemed to be all out war between Tony and Sandra and ‘the Queen’ won!!  Tony was eliminated.  I must say I was a bit surprised to see how the votes went, as NO ONE voted to eliminate Sandra!  Frankly, I think Sandra is a bit of a witch, and I would have rather seen her go than Tony.  It will be interesting to see how she manipulates everyone down the line.  I am not a fan of Sandra, but I must give her credit on her game play.
Tony Vlachos
TONY’S FAREWELL  (Click on Tony’s Farewell)
Goodbye Tony, I will miss you!!
 I can’t believe next week they will be dropping buffs.  I hope Caleb and Malcolm stay together and it would be nice to see Tai and Caleb back together.  Will the bromance continue?
Condolences go out to JT and Ted for losing one of their picks.
 Anxious to hear your thoughts!
 Have a great day!!
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