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Spring is here and with it brings the rain. This morning, while having my coffee, I looked out the kitchen window and saw a large pool of water in my backyard and my boxer dog Maggie gingerly walking around to find a place to squat. The sky was blue and the winter temperatures seemed to have taken a hiatus, with the day bringing forth warmth and sunshine. Maggie soon bounced onto the deck, wanting in, along with her breakfast. She is a good dog and knows the routine, as she patiently waited by the door to have her paws wiped before entering the house.

It was almost ten o’clock when I heard Marty’s car drive up and the sound of her horn. I grabbed my keys and went out to my car, as I was to follow her over to the Ford Service Center. After dropping off her car we came back to my house for coffee and a chat. She is my best friend, I have known her since the day I was born. Growing up together was always an adventure with her, but I will save those stories for another time. Marty has a miniature Boston Terrier named Sweetie, who is Maggie’s ‘bestest’ friend.

‘COME ON DOWN’ shrieked from the television, as Marty and I sat in the family room drinking coffee and guessing the cost of the products on โ€œThe Price Is Right’. The dogs were outside and we could hear them running around playing with one another. It was first the warm day of spring and it was wonderful to have the sliding glass door open to let in the fresh air. Oh if we had only known that this beautiful day would turn into a nightmare!!

I went into the kitchen to refresh our coffee and looked out the window to check on the dogs. To my horror they were both digging in the pool of water and were covered with mud from head to tail! I yelled out the window for them to stop, but this just excited them more and they started racing for the door. Thankfully I was able to close it just in time. The bright and shining glass doors that I had just cleaned the day before were now full of mud and paw prints. Marty began to laugh hysterically and soon I joined in, as her laughter is contagious.

Marty brought up a pail from the utility room and I filled it with warm water and dog shampoo at the kitchen sink, then I opened the sliding glass window and stretched out the sprayer, placing it outside, so I could use it to rinse off the dogs. We slowly opened the sliding door and I grabbed Sweetie and washed her down. Marty was the designated drier. One dog down and one to go! Once Sweetie was clean Marty put her in the house, however, she inadvertently slammed the sliding door shut. (The door was recently fixed, as it used to be hard to close, but Marty had forgotten.) Maggie was finally clean and Marty and I headed back into the house to clean up, but unfortunately the door was locked!! Apparently the force of Marty slamming the door shut had triggered the lock mechanism.

I was so happy Marty was with me, as she again began to laugh. It took me a few minutes to join in, but did so after remembering the kitchen window was open. Now here is the problem, who is going to climb though the window? I am tall and have very long legs and Marty is short, but has had two hip replacements. Naturally, there was no stopping Marty who said, โ€œI caused the door to lock, so I will climb through the window’!โ€! I cupped my hands to give her a boast up and soon she was sitting on the window sill with her legs dangling outside. She carefully eased her butt down into the sink, sitting on a fork, which she promptly removed, then it all started…we both began to laugh uncontrollably. Gently I helped her manipulate her legs inside, but had to stop, at her request, for she was laughing so hard she said she was going to wet her pants. I tried not to laugh anymore, really I did, but the sight of her sitting in the kitchen sink made laughing too hard to resist. Finally we managed to control our giggling and I was able help her get her legs inside without harm and without wet pants! Once inside Marty opened the door, but to our disbelief, when we turned around there was Maggie again, back out in the yard digging in the mud! This time I washed and dried her off, while Marty stayed in the house.

The remainder of the day went well, as I took Marty out for a well deserved ‘wet’ lunch’. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful friend. She can turn any calamity into a day full of laughter and fun.