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“How in the world does he do that?”  Words that are uttered again and again by hockey broadcasters throughout the National Hockey League. They are talking about Pavel Datsyuk who plays for the Detroit Red Wings. I call him the ‘Houdini’ of hockey and marvel at his stick handling skills, especially when he takes away the puck from his opponents. I sometimes laugh out loud when I see his adversaries look around in astonishment, wondering where the puck went, after he has stolen it away from them. I can’t count the number of times I have seen him skate up and down center ice, dodging two huge defense-men and placing the puck in the back of the net. I must admit I never liked the change the NHL made back in 2005-06 when they eliminated ties and decided shootouts would determine the winner of the game, but then again, this does give me the opportunity to see Pavel work his magic.  He simply amazes me.

Pavel is small in size, when you compare him to the other professional hockey players. He stands 5′ 11” and weighs only 185 pounds, but he is feared by all the NHL coaches. When Pavel in on the ice they send out their best men to try to stop his plays. I believe Pavel is one of the hardest working players in hockey today and I am very happy he is on my favorite team.

If you are a hockey fan, you probably know about Pavel Datsyuk, but if you are not, the next time you are channel surfing and run across a Red Wing’s hockey game, stop for a few minutes and watch number 13. I promise… you will not be disappointed.