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jack Russell

We live in a very selfish world today, people always in a hurry, crooked politicians, maniacs shooting children for no apparent reason; and now we are seeing a new generation coming along, with narcissistic attitudes. I am fortunate, in spite of this cruel world, I have a dear friend Mike. We have never met, but we have been friends for years thanks to the Internet.

Mike doesn’t have much, he lives in a trailer on a mountain. He is surrounded and loved by all his pets, and has the heart of St. Francis. I can’t remember the exact number of dogs and cats he has, but I believe it is somewhere between fifteen and twenty. What little money he has goes toward the feeding and medical needs of his animals.

Mike has recently been diagnosed with kidney failure. He is in a great deal of pain, and soon will have to go on dialysis. When he emailed me with the bad news his only thought was what would happen to his animals should he not survive. It is not a pleasant thing to think about and my heart goes out to him.

Today, after a brief visit to the hospital because of pain, Mike told me that his Jack Russell was dying. There isn’t anything that Mike can do for his loving companion, except for staying by his side and petting him until the soul in the dog’s eyes flickers out. “It is not easy to watch a dog die” Mike said, something that I know all too well.

I am happy and honored to know Mike. There are not enough people in the world today with a heart as big as his. Though I am very sad for Mike and his dog, I feel very rich indeed for having such a wonderful friend.